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Brazilian Team Championships Recap – Photos/Videos

By DevinTheDewd / September 29, 2011

The Brazilian team championship has become a staple amongst the high level tournaments in Rio De Janeiro. Five-man teams from each school, weight class, and belt level battle it out to win 3 of 5 matches to move onto the next round and ultimately stand out as being the strongest overall group. This year was […]


Fight to Win – Starting the year off strong in T.X. and C.O.

By DevinTheDewd / February 11, 2011

Fight to Win, a regional grappling and MMA event promotion based out of Colorado and run by long time combat-sport enthusiast, Seth Daniels, has kicked off the year with two amazing grappling events.  Fight to Win has quickly launched itself into being one of the top grappling circuits in the U.S. and often showcases some […]