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Andre Galvao and Eduardo Telles are coming – Copa De HK2

By Kei Kita / March 3, 2008

We are pleased confirm that Eduardo Telles and Andre Galvao are confirmed toattend Copa De HK2. They will be competing and organising a seminar by bothof them. Please consider to enter the competition. I have put out a link forhostels down below. 15th of April – IS THE DUE DATE FOR PRE-ENTRY (Please return the […]


Information on Copade Hong Kong BJJ competition – 26th April 08

By Kei Kita / January 17, 2008

Dear Sir/Madam, Hi, my name is Kei Kita from Kln BJJ Hong Kong (www.kln-bjj.com). We arepleased to inform you that we will have 2nd international Brazilian JiujitsuCompetition in Hong Kong on 26th April 2008. We are also inviting Brazilianand Japanese black belts to support the event. Please kindly inform about the event in your academy/club […]