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Lower back pain

By Rosi Sexton / November 13, 2011

The lower back is formed from the five lumbar vertebrae that sit between your pelvis and your ribcage, together with all the associated muscles, ligaments, intervertebral discs, and other assorted bits and bobs in the area. There are numerous possible causes of lower back pain, but one stands out from all the others both because […]


Eating out on a weight cut: Nandos by the numbers

By Rosi Sexton / November 10, 2011

 Nando’s – loved by MMA fans and fighters worldwide. The post training Nando’s has become a tradition in many gyms, and it’s often the first place a fighter will head once he’s weighed in and looking to refuel. This made it the logical next stop for Ben Crighton and myself in our “real life guide to […]