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Terry Bryan – Listened For Can Not Be Heard

By Terry Bryan / May 11, 2007

ABBA Karategram I remember reading a quote years ago about the powers of the Shaolin Monksthat went something like this: When looked for, could not be seen; When listen for, can not be heard; When felt for could not be touched; Subtle as in non-existent … that was Shaolin. Now we know that legends indeed […]


The Color of Trust

By Terry Bryan / April 10, 2007

Recently I had a conversation with a person that I have a lot of respect for and it came out that this person was very much a racist. Now I have been around long enough to see all types of people and belief systems but this shocked me that this person believed that he was […]


Strategy and Tactics of a Warrior

By Terry Bryan / April 4, 2007

Heiho is a Japanese word that stands for the concept of strategy and tactics in combat. I once heard the strategy is what you do in the war room and tactics is what you do once the combat begins, but what ever your definition is, as martial artists we just think differently than everyone else. […]


The Tale Of Two Tigers

By Terry Bryan / March 26, 2007

The Story of Respect There is an ancient story of respect told by explaining the respect that tigers have for one another in the jungle. They respect one another, give each other distance and seldom fight each other. The story goes that they understand that should they fight; the outcome would surely be that one […]