Avengers New Mission!

Leaders of the newly formed Avengers Bjj, Pablo Popovitch and Roberto Abreu have a new mission ahead of them, aside from the usual dominating of opponents on the mat. This mission is to help WEC fighter Will Ribero, who suffered a devastating motorcycle accident back in 2008 that stopped the fighter’s career in its tracks. The fighter’s family has since struggled to raise enough funds for his treatment.  Once again the superhero duo has stepped up to help. They will each hold a seminar at their respective academies with the proceeds going to help Ribero. The seminar information is as follows:,

Cyborg’s seminar will be held at Fight Sports South Beach on December 18,2010, 7437-39 Collins Ave, Miami, FL 33141, 305-534-7410

Pablo Popovitch seminar will be on January 8,2011 at the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Center at 777 E Oakland Park Blvd, Ft Lauderdale, Fl 33334, 954-771-0084

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