Baba tats up Scotty at Vintage Tattoos in LA.

Just recently I was back in LA visiting my brother and training with Eddie Bravo. I stopped in to my old friends` place to see what was up with the old Hollywood crew. Baba and Oddie have moved out of Hollywood and they have their own shop now. Vintage Tattoos is the classic tattoo shop where the artist blends with machine to create original one of the kind art. Baba is one of the best artist I have ever know and he can draw better than anyone. He did our old flame logo and our new graf logo. Everyone there has skills.

So I stopped in to their Highland part shop to spin some yarn and see what was up with the old Sick Boys Crew. We the boys are all about the same and doing well. They must be doing really well because Baba has a cancellation and he didn`t snap. Instead he turned to me and said ” I got an open spot an you never have gotten any work from us!!” . So well gulp later, I was in. I knew Baba would come up with exactly what I would want which was a sacred heart with a graffiti style to it. All black and white like the rest my collection and with in an hour I was hooked up. It came out great and I love it!! Check out the pics and Baba when you are in LA. . I am taking Joshy Griffiths to get some work after Grapplers Quest West in Vegas! Lets go get ink!

Thanks for the ink and help! Scotty

Vintage Tattoos5115 York Blvd. LA, CA 90042 (323) 254-6733

Do these guys look like a reality show?

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