Bamboo Lucky Gi Review

Lucky Gi truly is the biggest innovators in the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, because not only do they come up with some of the most creative designs for Gis, they also use the most varied types of materials to create them. The newest version is their Bamboo Lucky Gi which snuck up on the market like an Ezekiel choke on a white belt. Check out all this all encompassing review on easily the best Gi to hit the markets in all of 2013.

Comfort and Design
One of the biggest things that makes the new Lucky Gi so amazing is the comfort of the Gi. This Bamboo Gi is the softest most comfortable Gi you will ever wear in your life. Also, it is not like cotton Gis that get rough and stiff after a few washes. No, Bamboo is built to actually stay soft if not get softer after a few washes. I am not joking when I say you can wear this Gi as a robe in the morning as well as train with it on the mats. So, if your wife complains about the price of it just let her know it can double as a robe as well!
The design is also something that you will not get over. The attention to detail put into this Gi is also amazing. While some companies may have a great logo, or some unique color scheme. The Bamboo Lucky Gi has it all. Whether you buy white or blue you are being treated to a unique color scheme that screams originality yet is smooth when looking at it. The design does not stop at the logo or jacket; it spread to the cuffs of the pants and sleeves that have silver trim as well as a saying etched along the inside. So pay close attention to this Gi as design characteristics will pop and surprise you months after you bought it.
Function and Features
While the Bamboo Gi does not have something radical like a rashguard built into it, that is because it does not need it. Some companies build rashguards into their Gis to help protect the wearer from bacteria and disease that is prevalent on MMA mats. Well, the Bamboo that this Gi is made out of already has antimicrobial abilities bread into the fabric. The Gi itself is a protector from nasty bacteria and disease that can cause staph infections or ring worm. Plus, the smoothness of the Gi will also make it hard to grab for an opponent, but is not illegal like Ripstop material is now.
A lot of people find that limited run Gis are made fast and have a lower quality, but that is just plain wrong. That is a lie perpetuated by some companies that are not ballsy enough to try being innovative. When a company is crazy is crazy enough to design a Gi with the Diaz brothers or allow one of their signature Gis to have pinstripe or cheetah print on the inside they are not looking for a quick buck. They are just trying to elevate the gear we wear to practice an art form to be art themselves. The Bamboo Gi is one you can buy and know it will be around for years to come, and you will look just as badass in it as the day you bought it.
The Bottom Line:
If you are looking to standout from your training partners for more than the color of your belt than the Bamboo Lucky Gi is for you. Not only is it made with love and attention of a company that is all about the sport, but it is going to push the remaining companies to step their game up and not lag on the simple designs that have worked for years. A lot of times the first through the door are always called crazy until someone comes up with the same idea a few years later and called genius. I don’t know about you, but in the world of BJJ I don’t mind be called a little crazy!

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