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Over the past month, I have received many emails asking me,” Where is your Yoga DVD?”

The reason why I have not released the final cut of the Yoga for Fighters DVD is because of a recent knee surgery and a few other injuries. I have been unable to demonstrate the yoga postures properly.

Please be patient. I am doing the best that I can. I promise that the DVD will be useful and easy to follow.

In the mean time, I have put together this FREE video of the first chapter of the Yoga for Fighters DVD . Please practice this exercise very slowly. This exercise will loosen your shoulders, hamstrings and hips. Additionally, it will improve your sprawl and your body weight distribution from the top position. Most of my fighters at Balance Studios know this exercise and can put their palms on the floor within weeks.

Make sure that you watch the Video a few times before you try it. This exercise, called the Sun Salutation, it is a classic move in Yoga. I have modified the amount of breaths in each position. Traditionally, the sun salutation is one breath in each position, but I have found that it is better for fighters to take 3 breaths in each position to warm the body properly, so one can move into other postures or straight into Instructional Video Yoga Instructional Manual

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