Belfort responds former coach: “I have the right to choose who train me”

 Vitor Belfort was the target of harsh criticism from his former coach Shawn Tompkins during the last week. Tompkins criticized the fairness of the Brazilian and said that he would have gone to train with Mike Tyson to take advantage of the space in the media who would win with the former boxing champion.


Via twitter, Vitor responded about the statements of his former coach.


"I think one thing: if you do not have anything nice to say, I prefer to remain silent", wrote the Brazilian, "I think I have the right to choose who train me, because I had loyalty and respect. I spoke in front of him that I did not want to continue with his vision, but he took it personally, but certainly what he said does not reflect the truth. He is very misinformed, because Mike Tyson has never trained me, do not know where it came. Life is about choices, I did mine and he made the choose to speak what is not true".

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