Ben Askren Will Tell You Just How Good He Is

Ben Askren is a 2x NCAA champion and current Bellator fighting champion (undefeated in 10+ MMA bouts). I appreciate the interview with Ben, who is now for the first time offering a DVD course on Wrestling and Control for combat sports called "The Manhandling Manifesto," which is available only for a limited time. Check it out here, and thanks again to Ben!

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It’s a very thin line we tip-toe when talking about being confident and being cocky.  In the eyes of fans, when we hear someone say how good they are, we scoff at their egos and dub them to be nothing but a typical cocky athlete.

While it may be true at times, it isn’t always the case.  Sure, athletes can be cocky, however, they must possess such an outlook at times or else they will get eaten up and spit out by their sport.


Mixed martial arts is no different as it forces the fighters to believe their skill set is superior to their opponent.  Watch any pre-fight buildup video and you’ll see just how great every fighter thinks they are.  It’s just something that they need to have if they want to be good.


If there is any fighter out there that tests the waters of cocky and confidence, it’s Bellator welterweight champion, Ben Askren.  “Funky” Askren is an elite fighter…but don’t tell him there’s anyone better than him.

The King Of The 170 lbs Castle?

For some time now, Askren has claimed the top spot in the Bellator organization as the top welterweight.  Boasting an 11-0 record, Askren is clearly above the rest in his respective fighting organization.


However, when we think of the best-of-the-best at 170 lbs in the entire world, only one name comes to the mind of many; Georges St. Pierre.  At this point, it should come as no surprise that Askren says he knows just the guy to claim the top welterweight crown…himself.


For years, St. Pierre has cemented himself as one of the top fighters in the world in any weight class.  With big names to his win column, GSP has proven he’s the top dog.


However, Askren questions if the UFC champion has the wrestling skills that we’re told he has.  GSP, a Canadian born fighter, has been thrown into the mix of fighters that exert excellent wrestling skills.  To Askren, this seems funny given Ben’s truly world class experience on the mat.

Laying Down The Gauntlet

Askren is so confident in his wrestling ability that he even challenged GSP and Dan White to a wrestling match.

Not wanting a fight, Askren says he would even give the odds in the favor of the UFC’s main staple, and put up $1,000 per takedown.  This event, according to Askren, would take place at one of the UFC’s Fan Expos, giving the fans something to cheer about.


No matter how it would play out, there is no denying the confidence that Ben Askren has in himself.  Cocky or confident, you decide, but keep in mind; if you want to succeed you must first believe in yourself.  Safe to say Ben Askren does just that.


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