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We’ve got tons of sick new OTM JiuJitsu gear and special holiday prices on bundles of our most popular DVDs! Hurry, sale prices are only good through the holiday season!For Our Holiday Bundles and the opportunity to save anywhere between $5 to $40 on our best selling videos please visit:

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OTM Magazine Bundle!

Regular Price: $45.00Holiday Bundle Price: $40.00

You save $5.00!!

Two of our best selling Magazine style DVDs! Scar Tissue is the fifth OntheMat Video magazine series, the follow up to the Best Selling DEngue Fever Magazine. OntheMat once again takes you around the grappling world and covers the best events and best fighters. This is the first issue to appear in the DVD format and features nine great sections of fighting. Grapplebook is Grapplechaun’s first DVD. This DVD is over One and a half hours plus bonus footage. With fighter footage, highlights, full fights, interviews, and humorous skits. This compolation is easy to watch beginning to end and is even girlfriend friendly. (sorta)

101 Submissions Bundle

Regular Price: $60.00Holiday Bundle Price: $49.99

You save $10.00!

Far and away one of the best selling Grappling DVDs of all time, 101 Submissions is footage of today’s top fighters submitting their opponents one after another in real competition all over the world. Set to a blazing soundtrack, this is the grappling video you can show to your friends when they ask what you do. 50 gi and go no gi submissions per disc from events all over the world, bonus footage, surprises and more. 101 Submissions and the 101 Submissions Chapter 2 are each the videos that set the martial arts and extreme sports world on its collective ear and notified everyone the potential of grappling.

Darrel Gholar Ultimate Bundle

Regular Price: $110Holiday Bundle Price: $94.99

You save $15!

Darrel Gholar is the driving force behind the Vale Tudo success of many of the top competitors from Brazil. Darrel breaks down the same programs he used to train top contenders in upper body tie ups, the clinch and the take downs. Gholar makes learning these throws easy and it will improve your game immensely for grappling and NHB fighting immensely! Learn what Gholar calls his 9-7-5 system of wrestling! Defense, drills and more!

Grappler’s Quest Bundle

Regular Price $85Holiday Bundle Price $59.99

You save $25!

Grappler’s Quest is the largest grappling show on earth, and features the top talent in America! This four pack DVD special spreads across 6 DVDs some of the best action to ever take place on the mat at GQ and includes big name fighters such as Florian brothers, the Avellans, Jason Miller, Jeff Monson, Pablo Popovitch, Brandon Vera, Mike Fowler, Jeff Glover, Diego Sanchez, Justin Garcia, Jamal Patterson, Rafael Lovato Jr, Jake Shields, Gazzy Parman, and many, many more!

The BJJ Competition Bundle

Regular Price $85Holiday Bundle Price $59.99

You save $25!

Some of the best Brazilian JiuJitsu action in four different tournaments from the US and Brazil! You’ll see top names in action in this four pack DVD special including Jacare, Andre Galvao, Ryron Gracie, Cameron Earle, Eduardo Telles, Xande Riberio, Rafael Lovato Jr., Paulo Guilobel, Cassio Werneck and more! Some of the highest submission percentage tournament action DVDs we offer, together in this special bundle!

Submission Grappling Latest Techniques Bundle

Regular Price $140Holiday Bundle Price $99.99

You save $40

Learn some of the very latest techniques, used in successfully competition by some of the top young guns in the sport today! In Javi Vazquez’s Mastering Grappling Colume 1, Take Downs and Counters, Javi Vazquez takes you through the basics of proper wrestling technique for submission grappling, than gives an astounding array of counters, attacks and submissions! Javi Vazquez’s explanation of the basics to his most advanced techniques are covered here. Then, Tony Desouza displays his astounding creativity in Cholitzu where he combines the best of his wrestling and jiu jitsu to create some of the most effective (and painful) submissions holds you’ve ever seen. Neck cranks, Guilotines, Attacks off the Sprawl, Monk Guard and Monkey Guard, you’ve never seen anything quite like this! Finally, in the Turtle, Josh Russell shows you how to make your weakest position into one of your most dangerous positions. Your opponent may think that they are taking your back, but little does he know he is being se up for a wide array of sweeps and submissions!

OTM Dress Black BeltNow remember, belts just hold your pants up! And this fighter lifestyle belt is just what you need to hit the clubs in style. Just because you aren’t a black belt on the mat doesn’t mean you can’t sport this stylish black belt off the mat. This belt is revisable with a large OTM logo on one side and a small OTM white stripe logo on the other. 100% cotton with 2 all steel chrome D rings. Sizes A1 to A5$24.95

Jiu Jitsu Cross T-shirtThese 100% cotton t-shirts let you go out in style while still letting people know you train jiu jitsu. Slim fit for style with dye out silk screening with an OTM logo on the sleeve.S, M.L, XL$19.95

Jiu Jitsu Wood CutThese 100% cotton t-shirts let you go out in style while still letting people know you train jiu jitsu. Slim fit style with aged silkscreen logo front and OTM logo on the back.S, M.L, XL$19.95

Loose Fit Fight ShortsThese shorts are made from a non-tearing rip stop nylon and triple sticking to handle even the toughest grabbing and pulling. Stretch center panels allow for plenty of free movement. The inside drawstring, fitted waistband, and double closure Velcro fasteners keep these shorts from coming off at the wrong time. They have two stylish embroidered OTM logos in matching accent colors. Available in black with red, yellow, or camo green. Sizes 28,30,32,34,36$44.95

Incognito Black JacketThis super stylish black jacket let’s you head out to the club with out looking like the mat rat that you are. This jacket is made of a very comfy Micro Suede fabric with breathable liner, and 3 pockets. Sporty cut with black on black logos front logo is an embroidered OntheMat logo and the back is an OTM Hooker, Flame, Skull logo. These jackets are a limited edition. Sizes M, L, XL$54.95

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