Brilliant Video From 5th Anniversary of the BJJ Ladies Summer Camp 2014 Amsterdam

Women’s BJJ All Over The World! This Amazing Video from Amsterdam shows just how fast Women’s BJJ Is growing all over the world.

I remember back in the early 90’s there were very few women even training. The first bad ass black belt I remember seeing was Leka Vieira her BJJ technique was amazing. So there after for American’s Kathy Brothers came on the scene and as a Brown Belts was beating Black Belts.

Back then BJJ was barley in the USA let alone in Europe. Of course there was Europe’s first black belt and long time friend of OTM Laurence Cousin. She is both a Judo and BJJ black belt and was the first female non Brazilian to win the Worlds at black. Her talent was on another level.

Later came the legend Leticia Ribeiro who redefined what the modern female BJJ warrior was like. Leticia has been a HUGE embosser for the sport both on and off the mat.

This video by Johnny Van Bergen features European female Black belt BJJ teachers Yasmin Sewgobind & Yasmin Wilson, brown belt Ana Gisele and many more up and coming women.


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