BlackMat MMA offers Mixed Martial Art classes to Children ages 8- 15 years

              Parents often search for the best possible opportunities to help their children reach their greatest potential. The parents of BLACKMAT MMA located in Whittier, Ca, feels that they have found that opportunity and consider this an investment in their children’s future. At Blackmat we teach Character Building, Mixed Martial Arts, Self Defense, Fitness, Respect, Tutoring and most of all we “Keep it Fun”. The children develop physically and mentally, but more importantly we, the Coaches & Staff of BLACKMAT MMA see them gain self confidence, self control, grow spiritually and be disciplined; which we believe is priceless.


             Our program focuses on the reality that hard work and dedication pays off.  Our MMA training does not include teaching violence, bullying, or that street fighting is OK.  Conversely, we teach respect, discipline, honor and the benefits of physical, mental and spiritual health through disciplined MMA training in Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Boxing, Wrestling,  and the Bas Rutten System.  MMA training is a way to improve your child’s self-esteem, health, and self confidence. It gives them tools to defend themselves and others. Children with character have powerful coping strategies for dealing with many situations. They also know how to resolve confrontations among their peers. 

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