Bruno Carvalho comments his fight at Nitrix CF

 Athlete of the academy CM System, Bruno Carvalho is scheduled for Nitrix FC, that happens in February 19, in the city of Brusque (SC).


The specialist of Muay Thai will face Sebastião Junior, from Leives Team Academy. Sebastião is also specialist in Muay Thai, having competed and won several championships of traditional Muay Thai (with elbow) in southern of Brazil. Promise of much striking during the fight.


"It will do two years, in June, I’m dedicating myself only to MMA", said Bruno, "I know a lot of my opponent, but I’m prepared for any opponent".



Look the full card below:



Waltinho (Nova União/Brusque) vs Guiga (Company Fight/RFT)



-Rafael Carioca (Chute Boxe) vs Marcio “Gracinha” (UDL)

-Bruno Carvalho (CM System) vs Sebastião Junior (Leives Team)

-Leonardo Macarrão (Chute Boxe) vs Roberto Cigano (Cigano Team)

-Jacarézinho (Iron Fight) vs Ivan Batman (Ataque Duplo)

-Gilberto Galvão (RFT) vs Marcelo Brito (Arena)

-Cristiano Marcello (CM System) vs Oriol Gazet (Team Kaobom)


Bantaweight GP

– Rafael “Morcego”(Company Fight)

-Alessandro Lenhador (Gracie Barra Jvlle/M13)

-John Lineker (Emporium JJ)

-Diego D’Avilla (CM System)

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