Bud Cup Report, Part 1

Scotty’s report of his first Bud Cup. Gumby’s report to followThe Bud Cup!

I might be still recovering from my hang over but I am going to get my Bud Cup report up before Gumby. He stayed at the hotel all weekend cause his tummy hurt. : ( But not me! I was ready for the Bud Cup at least I thought I was. Gumby had been telling for 2 years I should check out the Bud Cup it was a great tournament. And this year it will be tough to beat as tournament of the year for me.

Size is not everything! This year`s event was not huge but it was a good-sized event and the talent was amazing. Some real studs came and fought hard. There will be some online footage from Gumby up soon along with a full report real soon. And, we will be releasing a DVD soon.

So since Gumby is taking care of the fights and video let me tell you about the off the mat segment. This event was the best ever. I never had a better time at an event. The sponsors of this event are amazing. They took great care of us and we really felt the love. To start out we got a great suit at the Windam Hotel were the people were very nice and tolerant. The fridge in the room as if it was magic was full of Budweiser Beer! Our favorite kind! We also found out that just a block away there was a Hooters and they were sponsoring the Bud Cup! Everyone at the event got either free or discount food there. I had never eaten at a hooter really before and now I know the whole menu! But be warned the hot wings will get their revenge! But, Budweiser helps to smooth that over well especially if it is cold, ice cold.

Food, drink, great fighting, and cold as F**K! That was the only part I didn`t like. But it did make the hot tub more fun. Speaking of hot tubs a lot went down there but the first thing that threw me off was Remco Pardou cold chilling in the tub as I walked to the elevator. You just don`t see bone white fight legends just sitting in the hot tub in North Carolina. That took a second to register. Remco was another great part of this trip he is a good fighter and great guy to hang out with. An invite to Amsterdam made us instant friends.

Now no OTM report is would leave out the ladies. I mean besides all the hot ass hooters girls that kept you sitting around in the smoke well after you were full. But, I am talking about at the event. Usually there are very few if any girls at an east coast event. Not Bud Cup at one point I looked around and say all kinds of good lucking girls there. Of course I had to stop and talk to all of them. They were all very nice girls and they danced at night close by and invited us all over to watch for free. You see the pattern here? Come to Bud Cup get tons of cool free stuff. So we went out met the girls at work and were having a great time till Joe and ? showed up and wanted to leave. So we rounded up some of the girls and all the fighters in to four full cars and headed Nascar style in to Charlotte. Well this club was having a rocking 80s night and we made the place come alive. Lead by Mike and Mike the 80`s dance duo and full time Grappling Blue Print students we had a rip roaring time till the bar closed. Following with a good night back at the hotel it was a great time. I though it would be pretty dead out there but with the right hosts the town goes off. Thanks for showing us the town ladies, oh and Joe and ? too!! That was fun!I wish I could give you all the details here but I can`t. Check the forum soon for some of the juice. You will for sure see me at the next Bud Cup I would not miss it for the world. Joe how about we do another Bud Cup when it is warmer? Can you handle two a year?

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