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How to budget your DREAM trip to TRAIN in Brazil

For Every BJJ Player The Pilgrimage To Brazil To Train On The Mat With The World’s Best! Is A Dream Come True.

BJJ Black Belt Dennis Asche and 10 year Rio resident gives guidance on making your Dream BJJ Trip come true.

Many people like the idea of going to train BJJ in Brazil, but many of them have no idea where to start when it comes to planning a budget.

We’re going to go through it all with you. Go and get a pen and paper, because you’ll need them.

Got them? Good. Now write in big letters at the top “My BJJ trip to Brazil 2015” (or whatever date you plan on coming).

Budgeting Your Trip

First off, think about how long you want to stay. If you want to do a week, a month, three months, whatever. Write down the amount of time
“Length of stay: …..”

OK now head to google and do a quick search for flight prices between where you live and Rio de Janeiro. To keep the price as low as possible, try to look for flight with transfers rather than those that go direct. Got the price? OK write it down
“Flights: …..”

For an idea on how much to budget for accommodation at Connection Rio, you will need to shoot us a quick email as rates vary depending on if you want a private room or a dorm. Also, we offer discounts for stays of one month or longer.
“Accommodation: …..”

Now, write down all your monthly expenses that will still need to be paid while you’re away (such as bills, i.e. rent / credit cards / cellphone contracts etc). OK so total it up and write that down
“Bills: …..”

Next step – you’ll need to work out how much money to take with you. Now this we can’t really help you with because it depends if you’re a high roller or not, but here’s a quick guide:

* A BJJ gym in Rio will cost between R$220-330 a month, depending on the academy you choose.
* A daily food / bus fare / general expenses budget of R$50 suits most people. That allows for eating out around once a day.

IMPORTANT: Add at least 30% on to the figure you come up with for unexpected expenses.

Now write “Spending money: …..”

Add up all of the above and you’ve got how much money you need to make this happen.
“Total” …..”

Divide that figure by how many months there are between now and the time you want to travel.

“Total / x months: ….. per month”

That figure is how much you’ll need to save each month to make this happen.

Tips for Saving Money

If the monthly amount seems too high, then consider where you can save money. First off, look at your average expenses and try to trim any unnecessary spending. A $30/week Starbucks habit is $120 a month you could be putting toward a life-changing trip.

Shop around flights companies for the best rates. See if friends or family have got any air miles they can help put toward your travel costs. Consider flying midweek rather than on a weekend to avoid higher fares and look for the low season rates.

Remember this: Of all the BJJ camps in Rio, Connection Rio offers you many ways to save money from low hostel rates to reduced laundry costs.

Connection Rio is hands down the Number 1 spot we at OTM recommend for your training trip to Brazil.  For details CLICK HERE


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