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The next C3 Event is just around the corner! It will take place on December 3rd, 2005 at Morton High School in Hammond, Indiana! The second show is to be very promising with many improvements (Listed Below) from the first and many exciting matches including TEAM McVicker defending their Team Challenge Title!


After the April 23rd event,C3 promoters talked with many competitors to see what aspects could be improved to make C3 one of the best tournaments around. After much research the next show will feature the changes below:

CHEAPER PRICES – The Pre-Registration price have been dropped to $55 and the Door Price has been dropped to $65 Dollars. This price includes both Gi & No-Gi and for $10 more, competitors can also compete in the absolute division of both divisions also.

PROFESSIONAL SCALE – C3 has purchased a professional scale used for wrestling competitions to increase the accuracy of the weigh-ins.

BRACKETING SOFTWARE – C3 will be utilizing a new version of their custom bracketing software that will be twice as efficient and twice as fast.

SIMPLIFIED ONLINE PRE-REGISTRATION – It is now easier than ever to pre-register for C3. Give us your name, t-shirt size, and billing information and you’ll be ready to compete the day of the tournament.


C3 is looking for high level grapplers to help Ref at the event. C3 Certified Refs must be familiar with C3 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/Submission Grappling Rules. Applications are available on the C3 Website. C3 Certified Refs compete for free at the event, receive a free event t-shirt, and have their profile and school information promoted on the C3 website.

Visit www.c3fighter.com for the latest news and events

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