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Last Saturday the California Extreme fighting promotion made its long awaited return to the Inland Empire.Last Saturday the California Extreme fighting promotion made its long awaited return to the Inland Empire. Choosing the Upland Sports Arena as its venue and making a few changes, MEZ Sports and Val Leady Promotions opted for its return event to use ring instead of the cage setting the stage for some interesting and exciting fights.

Opening the night was a battle of the new comers as Steve Avalos took on Anthony Ferguson. From the sound of the opening bell both combatants looked like veterans as both threw legs kicks, knees and hard punches on the feet. Although it was Ferguson who was able to dictate the takedowns, Avalos’s ability to scramble back to his feet and land strikes gave Ferguson all he could handle that night. Ferguson’s patience though would pay off for him and in the middle of the second as Avalos began to tire he would score a knee tap takedown. Once on the mat Ferguson began to posture up and look for strikes forcing Avalos to move and attempt submissions from his back. This gave Ferguson his opportunity to pass the guard right into the scarf hold position, once he secured his base he began to land punches that forced Avalos to tap giving Ferguson his first professional victory.

In a featherweight contest team Quest fighter Beau King (2-1) took on Gladiator Challenge and Invincible veteran Aaron Miller (2-3). A chopping leg kick is all King was able to land on his opponent before he was taken down to the mat and punched by Miller. King showed a lot heart as he threw strikes, attempted submissions and eventually reversed his opponent after a failed armbar by Miller. All though king was tough and hung in there; his inability to stop the take down would be his downfall. As the second round started it was Miller who put King down again and looked to pass after a failed armbar attempt. Once in side mount Miller transitioned to mount and landed some hard punches that forced King to turn to his belly, this gave Miller his chance to secure a choke that made king tapout to avoid passing out.

In a seesaw battle that ended in a submission that is rarely seen now a days, Vince Guzman (3-5) who was looking to rebound from two straight loses took on TFA veteran Daniel Hernandez (1-2). Hernandez came out strong landing a few strikes before taking Guzman down right into side mount. Once on the mat both men fought feverishly to control and submit one another, both attempted armbars and chokes both reversed one another and kept dominate position. Although it was Vince’s ability to scramble that kept him in the fight, the stronger Hernandez was able seize a submission opportunity in round two that wound end the fight. Following some punches landed from Hernandez, Guzman would initiate a clinch that would leave his neck wide open. Seeing this Hernandez took full advantage and locked up a standing guillotine choke that would make Guzman tap.

In the battle of the Heavyweights Frank Navarez who was making his pro debut took on Elite XC veteran Jason Williams (0-1). Not wanting to disappoint his fans that were donning the team frank shirts that were scattered throughout the audience, both Navarez and Williams gave them one hell of a show. Aside from a few takedown attempts that were stopped by Williams, this fight was an MMA brawl. Both Heavyweights swung heavy fist landing punches with lethal intent. In the end it was Navarez who was able to land a vicious combination that made Williams stagger backwards, going on the offence Navarez went in for the KO. By this time though ref Doc Hamilton had seen enough stopping the fight declaring Williams was out on his feet giving Navarez his first professional win.

In a stand up war Total Combat veteran Steve Torres (2-1) was looking to keep his winning streak alive as he took on XCF veteran Lonnie Wright (4-2). Wright who was looking for his first win in over two fights came out aggressive landing leg kicks and combinations on his opponent. Torres though not wanting to back down landed combinations of his own that including uppercuts, hooks and knees. For little over two minutes both tested their striking prowess and chin. However it Torres who was able to capitalize as he landed a vicious knee followed by a combination of punches that hurt his opponent forcing the ref to stop the fight.

In the main event of the night WEC veteran Josh Smith (6-3) took on Team Quest fighter David Gardner (12-8) for the Lightweight championship title. Aside from a few striking exchanges Smith would spent the majority of the fight on his back fending off the attack of Gardner. The Team Quest fighter did an excellent job controlling his opponent while on top landing punches and hammer fist when ever the opportunity arose. Smith to his credit would not go quietly into that good night as he was able to always get back to guard and at times attempt submissions from his back. In the end though Gardner’s wrestling ability would prove to be too much for him as he grinded out a unanimous decision victory, giving CXF’s its first lightweight champion.

Official Fight Results

Anthony Ferguson def Steve Avalos via Submission (From Strikes) 1:25 R2

Aaron Miller def Beau King via submission (RN-Choke) 1:59 R2

Joe Condon def Reggie Chapman via Decision (unanimous) 3:00 R3

Vince Guzman def Daniel Hernandez Submission (G-choke) 0:30 R2

Frank Navarez def Jason Williams via TKO (Ref stoppage) 0:24 R1

Steve Torres def Lonnie Wright via TKO (Ref stoppage) 2:45 R1

Darryl Moore def Mike Penafiel via Decision (unanimous) 3:00 R3

Nick Maghaddam def John George via Submission (RN-Choke) 2:10 R2

David Garner def Josh Smith via Decision (unanimous) 3:00 R5

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