Camarillo Hurricane Benefit Seminar

Seminar September 18th to benefit Hurricane victims

——————————————————————————– There will be a Judo/JiuJitsu seminar by David Camarillo/Daniel Camarillo And many others that I am working on as we speak. We could possibly get some Judoka from the famed San Jose State University Varsity team.

This will take place at American Kickboxing Academy Sunday September 18th at 12 noon….

More information coming soon!!!!

100$ a person for the 3-4 hour seminar. ALL PROCEEDS are donations for the victims and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina!!!

Please do your best to attend and help our nation in a time of need!!!!

Update: Just got off the phone with Judo US Open Champion and World Championship Team Member David Williams and he confirmed for the 18th!

ALL Camarillo JJ students at AKA are strongly encouraged to make it!

EVERYONE WELCOME!!!_________________David Camarillo Black Belt Judo, Black Belt Camarillo Jiu-Jitsu American Kickboxing Academy ( Pacific Martial Arts, Fresno, Ca koumei Dojo Brainered, Mn

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