Carson’s Corner: MMA crimefighter Benji Radach on EliteXC, Ninja, LaFever, UFC and more!

To listen to the show, click here: It’s another can’t-miss episode of Carson’s Corner, because this week heavy-handed MMA brawler and re-rising star Benji Radach jumps into “The Pit” to throw some bombs! Just like in the ring, Radach pulls no punches and holds nothing back as he discusses his feelings on the demise of EliteXC, missing out on a huge fight because of it, his recent war with Chute Boxe’s “Ninja” Rua which put him back on the MMA map in a huge way, his shocking upset loss to unknown Danny LaFever, his potential future in the UFC and more! In addition to interviewing Radach, Bob answers more of your listener e-mail and provides an update on KJ Noons, Luke Cummo’s arrest and the future career of Michael Bisping. To listen to the show, click here:

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