CFC-IV MMA this weekend in Rosarito, MEX

CROWN FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP – IV MMA & Muay Thai (K-1 Rules) Saturday, Sept. 3rd, 2005 Labor Day Weekend

Open Air setting right next door to “Club Iggy’s” in Rosarito Beach, Mexico.Tickets available at the door.$25.00 dlls. General AdmissionDoors open at 6:30 pm. / Card at 8:00.

CFC-IV will feature a set of interesting bouts including a couple rematches, to be crowned with the main event showcasing the talents of BHJJ and Chute Boxe USA warrior Tony Garcia facing wrestling sensation Alex Garcia out of Brawley Combat Club, who defeated non other than Joe Hurley (Lion`s Den and KOTC ex-champion) in his last outing. Both Garcias, as most of the athletes that`ll see action this coming weekend`s card have built a strong following with the fight fans of both sides of the border.

Among the roster of gladiators reported ready are Tony and Alex Garcia, Joel Luis, Cesar Vazquez, Esteban Garcia, Mike Martelle, Andre Garalde, Adrian Camacho, Miguel Azuara, Cuauhtemoc Felix, Omar Jimenez, Eddy Lazaro, Luis Alvarez, Justin Jorgensen, and brothers Chris and Jon Lopez.

Mike Martelle is making a special trip down from Canada to make this his MMA debut.

The fight formula used in the last CFC resulted in very exiting bouts that alternated between MMA and Muay Thai fights. This combination greatly appealed to the fans of both full contact sports and will be employed this time again, as in our Reto Maximo productions based in Tijuana, Mexico. Doors will open at 6:30 pm and first fight will start between 8:00 and 8:30 pm allowing time for everyone to reach the venue safely given the heavy traffic and tourism expected in town on Labor Day Weekend.

Mr. Larry Landless will be the referee in charge.Don Rocco will also be refereeing a couple bouts if not matched to fight in the cardA very special thanks to Chris Brennan`s support in this last stretch leading to the event. CFC – IV is sanctioned by the State of Baja Association of Pankration Athlima.

Additional info please contact:Marco Perez (Tony) Reto Maximo & CFC – ProducerUSA Cel. (619) 341-4643Mex Cel. (0152664) 675-4166Email:

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