Chad Mendes Suspended Two Years

With all the failed drug test in the sport of MMA currently it is very easy to lose track of who has received punishment. Currently, Chad Mendes was handed down a suspension stemming from his failed drug test that was out of competition. It has been released that Mendes failed from a performance enhancing drug but one that helps int he process of taking a PED. He has been given a two year suspensions due to this failure. He called this failure a mistake, but ti is hard to see what there is a mistake with since he took this substance or something that had it without having the foresight of investigating what he put into his body.

Mendes is a multiple time title contender, but at the age of 31, he may have a hard time keeping up with he current string of contenders when he comes back at the age of 33. He is also 1-3 in his last four fights having been knocked off by Aldo, McGregor and Edgar. Him being suspended will remove him from the rankings and open up is spot for someone new, but no one will be able to beat him to claim that spot.

With his coming out for someone who has never failed a test, one has to wonder what will happen with Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar when he goes up for their failed drug test. This is the problem that hopefully starts to help clear up as they hand down harder suspensions. Mendes essentially now has no way of making income over the next couple years and usually people on suspension cannot work for the company or for Fox, just as Frank Mir. What do you guys think of Mendes’ suspension and should Jones and Lesnar get the same punishment?

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