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Hey guys,

i wanted to share my youtube profile with you so that you can check out some of my competition footage.  i was feeling a bit under the weather for my last two competitions.  so they aren’t the best performances, and the camera ran out of space so the last couple matches weren’t captured, but oh well.  we have a new camera so that shouldn’t be an issue in the future. 

please make comments.

i think film is important to the grappler. just as a football team watches ans critiques their performance.  so too can a grappler watch his footage, both in practice and in competitions to see what he does well, what he can improve, and to understand better how a particular move is effective.  suubtle changes can be made and learned from watching footage of your performance. it is very hard to watch ourselves roll, so video footage is invaluable.  learn what you look like, learn what you can improve and learn themistakes you are making as wel as learn what works for you in your game plan.  more on the game plan later.  enjoy!!

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