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 hey guys, have’nt blogged for a while because ive been busy doing stuff.

The 1st of our adventure started with angra it was going to be the last time we partied until after the nogi competition so me torryn and matt whent there with a load of other people, it was pretty fun the house we stayed in was right next to the beach and there was 15 of us living there, jumping in boats doing flips of the dock teaching the girls how to do submissions ( thats always fun) the drive there and back was pretty scarry as there was a lots of old cars on the side of the road that had crashed like a car graveyard, when we got back we herd there was a millencolin concert on were there would be a mosh pit so we thought it sounded like fun we went there and jumped in the middle i think we were tthe only sober ones in there, 

the next days our training started hard mostly at dennis’s class because he pushes the pace and gets you in shape for competitions out here, we ate healthy and trained like mad comming up to the alpha barra nogi, i really wanted to take home a gold as it was my last fight in brazil, up to this torryn and dennis were my training partners and me and torryn both took gold with thanks to dennis and the guys at gordos.

in between training and sleeping me and torryn have also taken up wake boarding turns out were naturals and if fighting dont work out we have a job  doing that ……………….hahahahah

i have just recived news that i will be going to germany a deal that dennis has set up were i will be teaching and getting some mma fights again im pretty excited about this as it means i will be closer to uk and having more stand up training also im excited to get back and compete in bjj aswell.

thanks for reading stay tunned

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