Connection Rio – June 18th, 2010 (Mad Jack The Hat)

Hey girls n’ guys, got alot to talk about in this blog. Lots of exciting stuff I’ve been doing and will be doing. I’ll start with the stuff I will be doing. Rio Open is on the 22nd of July and I see this as a good time to smash some purple belts and let everyone know I need my brown belt (even though I love the purple belt). I’m fighting at 76 kg (167 lbs) with the gi, so I have a little weight to loose. Last week I was 83 kg (182 lbs). Yesterday’s weight check saw me at 77 kg (170 lbs), so it’s coming off pretty easy so far. Also, the training is starting to get harder and the good thing is Dennis Asche is competing as well, so we can push through the make believe barriers together.


Yesterday I got some good news about my MMA training, as you all know my knees have been more fucked than a BKK hooker latley, but they’re on the mend and I’m easing them back into training from doing 50 kicks countinuously to now getting 20 out has pissed me off and given me the drive to get training hard again. Dennis Asche who is always looking for ways to improve me and make my training more challenging has orginized a few sessions with the Nova União team, so that means training with WEC bad ass Jose Aldo (one of my favorate fighters). Dennis has also spoken to a boxing coach who I saw a long time ago here in Rio and asked him to come in and spar with me. So all of this and Kenny Florian’s Muay Thai trainer from Thailand will be coming to stay for a bit at the house, so it looks like it’s gonna be a good camp for my fight thanks to Dennis.


The World Cup began and on Friday. On Saturday, all of the housemates went out to watch the USA vs. England game at an Irish Pub (in hope for a Guiness). We took a bus that went over the Barra hillside, up along the beach into Ipanema. The pub we were at was called Shenanigans. It was a rivalry between me and Joe who is from England and four others from the U.S. The Brazilians who were there were mostly rooting for England, hahahaha! The game was a lot of fun to watch and we ended up with 1-1 tie. LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


On Tuesday, we went down to a restaurant/bar close to the house in Barra and watched the Brasil vs. North Korea game. Brazilians are very proud of their country and soccer team. 


A lot of my spare time has been filled up with helping Rafael dos Anjos train his Muay Thai and Boxing for his next opponent (Clay Guida), so I have been studying his style and what holes he has in hes game. It’s kinda strange, as I never held for a southpaw before, but it’s coming together nicely.



On another subject, I would really like to get some feedback on what you want to hear about and any advice you want about training, traveling, and other stuff I’m good at. So feel free to give me feedback.

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