Connection Rio – May 26th, 2010

The house has pretty much been the same same people and same training going on with no new people so far, but we have a lot of people coming this month. So to start off my training going good, the team are all helping each other ( ) << have a lil look here at some pictures of Mario Sperry giving us some choke set ups at the MMA team training. Also this weekend, I decided to take a light Saturday run up the Pedra da Gavea to the waterfall with Kathy a friend from Lagoa da Barra. We ended up spending 4 hours going all the way to the top. It took me some convincing to get her to climb all the way without a rope, but we got there eventually, and had a few slips on the way. The veiw at the top is well worth it. That night I heard the others coming in from a night on the piss at ”00” a bar in Rio where a lot of beautiful women and playboys go. Not my style, but the guys seem to like it there. Next morning, I gave Adam, Jodie, and Kiely a ”VALE TUDO ALARM CLOCK” and some icey hot on his mouse nuts for hes troubles. Recently, Dennis and Rafael dos Anjos have organized another MMA class on the days I didn’t have MMA, so looks like training will be picking up as me and R.D.A. both have fights in August. He’s facing Clay Guida and I’m facing some unlucky guy in Jungle Fight.


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