Copa Cyclone Submission 2006: The Teams Collided!

In more one display of innovation at its show the staff of Cyclone Submission showcased for the first time ever in Brazil a tournament by teams. RIO DE JANEIRO, RJ, Dec. 3rd – In more one display of innovation at its show the staff of Cyclone Submission showcased for the first time ever in Brazil a tournament by teams. Four Luta Livre teams squared off against four BJJ ones in the sixty edition of Copa Cyclone.

The same formula of the prior editions was there too, with tournaments and two super fights. But the Teams Vs. Teams was the innovation, and fans were curious to see how this would go. The teams were composed by three members and a all results were very tight in first stage.

The Luta Livre teams seemed not to be prepared for this kind of challenge, the main Luta Livre stars did not render what the fans expected and the four teams dropped in first stage: Team Charlie Brown lost to Iate Clube Jardim Guanabara(ICJG), Team Alexandre Pequeno lost to BTT, Boxe Thai lost to Gracie Barra and RFT lost top Nova União. In these challenges the last one involving RFT and Nova União showed Andre Bastos schooling Pride veteran Luizano Azevedo by 8 – 0.

Like mentioned above, the aftermath of this was an event dominated by the BJJ and the first semifinal was involving Nova União against Gracie Barra and this team started dominating with Leonardo Leite scoring 8 – 0 over Washington Espantalho. Andre Bastos tied the score at beating Vitor Bonfim, while Ricardo Bastos made Nova União to advance with a victory over Antonio Braga Netto.

Second semifinal showed the first problems of the competition, Diego Moraes of ICJG won Celsinho (BTT) by 6 – 0, the advantage was with ICJG and the team used the rules to stall the other up & coming matches and advanced to the finals. Bernardo “Treco” Fuck fought really well against Daniel Demolidor, but the result was a draw. While Rodrigo Pinheiro did not want to jeopardize himself at the guard of Sergio Cohen, and other draw was declared.

“This is a shame, this guy (Rodrigo) did not want to fight against me, he kept himself running and running. I never saw this” complained Cohen of BTT.

ICJG shines in first ever submission by teams competition.

Fighting insides its domains, ICJG did want to let the chance of reaching the finals escape. Diego Moares faced Espantalho and the fight nearly had a favored outcome to ICJG in the first instants, Moraes attacked Espantalho all the ways, but did not reach a submission. Espataçlho seemed to save energies to the last minutes when he reached half guard and sunk a kimura well defended by Moraes. There were no advantages on this event and the fight was a draw.

Andre Bastos of Nova Uniao kept his untouchable road at the event and swept Treko to make the first point of the team in the finals. The ultimate fight was in the hands (and legs) of Ricardo Bastos and Rodrigo Pinheiro. Differently of the prior fight when Rodrigo stalled, this time he tried to keep high pace on the attack to mark more than 1-0 point over Ricardo, since the victory of Andre over Treko was by 1-0 (sweep). The fight was frank, and if Ricardo had stalled – like Pinheiro did against Cohen – he would come across like the winner, however they trade grips on the feet and Pinheiro shoot, taking Ricardo down and scoring 2-0. The five minutes finished quickly and ICJG got the first place on the podium.


Bruno Bastos (Nova Uniao) def. Antonio Braga Neto (Gracie Barra) by 3-1:

The same Netto who fought at the team versus teams thought he was a super man and fought at the super fight too against the Absolute eight man tournament champion of last year and featured OTM fighter Bruno Bastos. Bastos used his feared half guard to manage an uncommon sweep and control Netto on the bottom. The fight came back to their feet and Bastos took Netto down, Netto swept, but it was all.

Daniel Mores (ICJG) def. Edson Chulapa (Mangueira Fight) by rear-naked-choke

Brutal difference of technique on this fight when Moraes schooled Chulapa on the feet by a nice double leg and on the ground when passed the guard mount, took the back, scoring 12-0 and then gave a hell to Chulapa who tapped out by rear-naked choke.

Pro Tournament results:

-67kgs Wilson Reis def. Jefferson Nunes -77kgs Carlos Eduardo (Libra CT) def. Rafael dos Anjos (Gracie Barra) by 4-1 -87kgs Thales Leites (Nova Uniao) def. Lucio Sergio by 4-2 -97kgs Rafael Macuco (BTT) def. Cassio Drumond (Cassio Drumond) by 2-0 +97kgs Henrique Marcos “Pele” (Nova União) def. Daniel “Jacare” Almeida (Nova Uniao) by wristlock

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