Dana White TIME Top 100 Most Influential People!


Dana White has worked hard for Mixed Martial Arts to be accepted by the mainstream media. 

As TIME describes it:

"Age: 40 

Occupation: President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship 

Previous TIME 100 Appearances: 0

The sport White champions is officially called mixed-martial arts but he and his partners have successfully branded it Ultimate Fighting, the name of their outfit, and that’s how it’s almost universally known — to the chagrin of other MMA organizers. By doing so, he has revived a spectacle that had fallen into such disrepute that it was once described as "human cockfighting." Now, professional boxing wishes it were Ultimate Fighting. White is the UFC’s public face, most pugnacious booster, no. 1 tweeter and irrepressible fan — the ruler of Fight Club."


We have to support Dana and vote him up!

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