Daniel Cormier’s First Title Defense Announced

Daniel Cormier's First Title Defense

Daniel Cormier’s First Title Defense has been announced and it is quite a doozy to comprehend. Do you agree with his turn of event? It may not be a favorite.

Daniel Cormier's First Title Defense

Daniel Cormier’s First Title Defense is not going to be against the logical choice of Ryan Bader. The fighter was supposed to fight with Daniel Cormier in light of the Jon Jones fiasco. Bader is a top five Light-Heavyweight with four wins, that is something most fighters cannot say that are even ranked in the top fifteen. In fact, his last two wins were over top talent in Phil Davis and OSP which are fighters very few have bested in the Octagon. Instead, the UFC has decided to go with the illogical choice of Alexander Gustafson for Daniel Cormier’s First Title Defense.

Gustafsson is only 1-2 in his last three fights, not to mention is coming off a loss in his last fight by knockout. Also, he has only fought three times over the course of 36 months which is not someone you want as a champion considering he is getting hurt quite often. The real question fans should be asking is why these two are competing for a title if they are not the ones who both deserve to be here.

A lot of people will point to Alexander Gustafson being the biggest name fighter they have to sell for Daniel Cormier’s First Title Defense, but that makes no sense considering the heat they have coming out of the press conference for Bader to face Cormier. All this boils down to is Jon Jones. His shadow looms large and they have no time table for his return. They may have him come back after Daniel Cormier’s First Title Defense or it may be ten fights from now. The problem is his return fight needs to be sellable. If Bader is to win the title it makes no sense considering Jones ran through him in their fight. Cormier and Gustafson arguably gave Jones his hardest fight and have the more sellable rematches if he returns quickly. It all boils down to money and fights not who deserves it more. Sorry Ryan Bader.

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