Dream Jiu Jitsu Adult Gi Tournament Review

Dream Jiu Jitsu Adult Gi Tournament

Dream Jiu Jitsu Adult Gi Tournament took place this weekend in Cerritos, California which hosted fighters vying for medals. It was positive overall.

Dream Jiu Jitsu Adult Gi Tournament
Dream Jiu Jitsu Adult Gi Tournament was my second regional tournament in as many weeks and compared to the previous weekend it was a much more positive experience. The tournament was ran efficiently with it being a double elimination tournament it was not running very behind schedule with my bracket starting just under 30 minutes late.

The Dream Jiu Jitsu Adult Gi Tournament s a newer tournament so there was some hiccups with the reffing and officiating. Some chokes were held a bit too long with a few people going to sleep but that could be more on the competitors. Some points were not awarded in instances where someone should have scored them or positions were have to been held much longer than the standard three-seconds.

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Also, with the Dream Jiu Jitsu Adult Gi Tournament being newer some of the things you are used to seeing in these tournaments were not there. If you are a medal collector do not expect the biggest or best looking and the podium was nothing special as well, but that is not what you should be worried about in these formats. You should be worried about the level of the competitors and how many matches you can get in to make your money worth it.

Right off the bat, the Dream Jiu Jitsu Adult Gi Tournament is a double elimination tournament so you are automatically going to get an extra fight in. Also, the amount of people competing seemed to vary. There is almost no Adult level weight class that would be less than eight people. Many of the weight classes under 180 there was at least 16 people in the division. Also, considering there was only one division at a 30+ the older divisions also had quite a few competitors. While there was a few hiccups in this tournament, the overall experience was good as well as the amount of matches you got for the price you paid.

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