Drive-In Jiu-jitsu, Technical BJJ Hip Movement and the BJJ Globetrotter gets Inked! Real Rio Show 4.2

Watch the REAL RIO SHOW  Special extended edition! Real Rio Show takes a trip to the Gracie Barra "Drive-In" Academy in Rio de Janeiro,  a project run by Paulo Cesar Drive-In", an old school GB black belt.   Drive-In teaches jiu-jitsu for free to the local kids. The only condition is they must attend school  and present their attendance record as proof. Drive-In has one of the strongest youth teams in the world,  with multiple Brazilian and Rio State champions. Find out how you can help him keep kids out of trouble  and spread the message of jiu-jitsu.  To help support Drive-In, email:  Christian Graugart of BJJ Globetrotter gets a tattoo to mark the end of his four-month worldwide trip. Real Rio Show followed him to the tattoo shop as he got a very special memento of his awesome journey.  Also featured: a very special hip movement drill for BJJ!  CREDITS: Camera / Editing: Hywel Teague Director / Executive Producer: Dennis Asche  Music: Opening: Bach Goes Baile Funk by Ophex Free download:  End credits: Lighta Cry by Livingroom Rockers  Powered by: 

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