Eddie Bravo Invitational Enters Partnership with UFC

While there has been a big push to make Grappling a bigger event and try to make some money for the top level fighters, many of the endeavors that have tried this have failed due to one reason or another. One of the biggest concern has always been the streaming of the events which has been poor at best. The problem is that no one has the quality of streaming that everyone could enjoy besides the UFC’s fight pass.

Fight pass has always been about trying to put on bigger and better fights and adding more content besides MMA. In this month, you will see former champion Anderson Silva headline an event against Michael Bisping. That is huge since the last time Silva fought he headlined a PPV despite not having the belt. They have also had events like Invicta FC and Legacy fighting on the roster of promotions, but now they have signed two big non-MMA events.

The first is none other than Glory kickboxing. This is a promotion who just a few months ago was on Spike TV co-promoting MMA events with hem, but when their contract was up, they were not re-upped. There last two events went un-aired due tot he falling out. Now, the promotion has now signed with the UFC Fight Pass and will have a place to home their next event at the end of this month. They have also picked up some big talent with the new announcement. Former Bellator fighter Joe Schilling is coming back to the promotion and kickboxing in general and should bring some fans with him.

Lastly, EBI the Eddie Bravo Invitational has made it to the online streaming as well through the UFC. This si easily one of the better promotions for grappling invitationals and seems to be gaining steam. They are having a open weight class tournament coming up which should be an interesting event to watch. It is just another reason why many people are becoming increasingly more interested in signing up with the Fight Pass service.

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