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Honolulu, Hawaii September 15, 2007 Honolulu, Hawaii is the setting for the latest EliteXC event, which features a unified card promoted by one time rivals Icon Sport and Rumble World Entertainment. Elias Delos Reyes vs. Chico Cantiberos Round 1: Fight goes to the ground quickly with Chico on the bottom. Good grappling scramble as the fighters trade positions and submissions, but Elias pulls off an armbar from the bottom that ends the fight just 52 seconds into the first round. Ikaika Choy-Fu vs. Justin Buchholz Round 1: Justin is introduced as the Icon Sport lightweight champion, but this is not a title bout. Choy Fu lands a shot that drops Justin early, then pounces on him to try to finish, but Justin recovers and nearly locks on a triangle choke. Choy escapes and continues to punch. Fight gets back to their feet and the fighters slug. Justin catches Ikaika and knocks him down, then pounces on his back for the rear naked choke. Referee Steve Mazzagatti steps in and calls the bout. Your winner is Justin Buchholz. Jake Shields vs. Renato “Charuto” Verissimo Round 1: Charuto is the heavy crowd favorite here. Bit of a surprise as after trading strikes for a little while, Charuto gets the first takedown. Jake brings it back to the feet quickly however and initiates his own takedown, landing in Charutos guard and pushing him into the cage. As it happens it puts him right in Charuto’s corner as BJ Penn screams instructions to his Jiu Jitsu coach Charuto. Jake pounds away on Charuto, opening him up enough to pass guard to full mount. Jake pounds away relentlessly for sometime as referee Yamasaki watches carefully. Yamaski finally decides that Charuto has had enough and calls the bout. Official fight time is listed at 4:00 of Round 1. Riki Fukuda vs. Joey Villasenor Round 1: Riki gets a nice double leg takedown early in the bout. Riki gets to the side, but Joey battles back. Fights turns into a slugfest and Riki puts Joey back on the mat. Joey gets up much more quickly, but looks tentative as Riki circles. Another exchange seemingly wobbles Riki for a second, and Joey presses forward with more confidence. Fight ends with both fighters looking to exchange strikes. Gumby’s score 10-9 for Riki. Round 2: Picks right up where the furst round left off. Joey seems to be landing the harder shots right now, but when Riki presses forward, Joey moves out the way, at one point forcing Riki to headbutt the cage. Riki ties up and drives Joey to the cage, the two exchange strikes from the clinch. Not much happening, so referee Steve Mazzagatti separates the two. The two slug it out, with Riki seemingly landing the harder shots, but Joey stands right in the pocket and fires back. Riki initiates a clinch but once again after some inaction the referee separates them. Joey comes out with renewed vigor, and lands a few shot, but Riki answers back with strikes of his own, then catches Joey’s leg and sends him down to the mat. Joey is all fours but transitions the guard quickly and tries a few up kicks as Riki looks to punch, round ends. Gumby’s score, 10-9 Riki. Round 3: Riki moves forward and initiates the clinch again. They circle off the cage and Joey lands a good punch kick combo. Both fighters trade blows, but Riki’s seem to be landing with more accuracy. The two fighters move more cautiously, until Riki initiates another double leg takedown and moves right to Joey’s half guard. As Riki looks to pass, Joey reverses him and goes to Riki’s guard. Riki does a good job tying up Joey however. As Steve Mazzagatti calls for action the fighters return to their feet with about a minute and a half left. Riki is boncing around, seeming the more fresh of the two, but now Joey is initiating the shots. Riki backs off and picks his pace now with 30 seconds left in the bout. Joey seems to be looking for his big shot as Riki seems to know he has the fight in the bag. Time expires. Gumby’s score 10-9 Riki. Officially we have a split decision in favor of Joey Villasenor. Crowd reaction is decidedly mixed and boos are very noticeable in the arena. Gina Carano vs. Tonya Evinger Round 1: Interesting note for you, Gina Carano is cornered by OTM Fight Shop – Las Vegas owner Scott Bieri and Tonya Evinger is cornered by OTM Fight Shop – Huntington Beach owner Ryan Gregg. Tonya immediately begins by throwing a punch to Gina and taking her down. Tonya is in side control, but Gina manages to work to a half guard situation. Gina holds Tonya tightly as Tonya looks to pass. Tonya has head control and looks for a guillotine choke, but Gina manages to come on top, work her head out and take the back. Gina sinks in a rear naked coke and forces the tap out submssion. Nick Diaz vs. Mika Aina Round 1: The second bout of the Team Cesar Gracie vs Team BJ Penn storyline. Mika Aina being the local fighter might be a crowd favorite, but Nick Diaz receives a lot of love from the audience as well. The fighters meet in the center of the ring quickly, and exchange blows, Mike landing several good body blows. Mike complains about his gloves and the bout is momentarily halted, but continues quickly. Diaz stalks Mike, measuring his shots, but Aina moves in and out well trading shots. Both fighters have their flurries, but Nick continuously moves forward, initiating clinches against the cage. Mike gets the crowd roaring landing several hard shots, but Nick answers right back, knocking Mike off his feet (more like a slip). Mike gets right back up and the two continue exchanging blows as time expires. If Nick was looking past Mike before, he certainly isn’t now. Gumby’s Score: Tough rond to call, but I’m going to say 10-9 Nick Diaz. Round 2: Fighters touch gloves as a sign of respect. After a quick exchange Mike again complains of his gloves. Mike lands a hard shot that sends Nick to the canvas, Mike pounces but Nick manages to recover to his guard. Mike walks off and makes Nick come back to the feet. After another exchange Nick again is put to the canvas but Mike simply walks off. The two fighters pound away at each other until Nick initiates the clinch, pushing Mike against the fence looking for the takedown. The fighters separate, then Mike looks for a takedown, but Nick stuffs the attempt and looks for a guillotine choke. Mike pulls out and the fighters continue to bang. Nick is bleeding from his right eye now. Nick looks for the takedown and spins around to Mike’s back, get the takedown, to sidecontrol, take the back and looks to sink in the choke as time expires. Gumby’s score: Even more difficult to score, except for the last minute that seemed to be Mike Aina’s round, 10-9. Great fight so far. Round 3: Once again the fighters touch gloves. Rather than strike it out they get into the clinch much more quickly, with Nick pushing Mike into the fence. They break and now Nick lands a few well placed punches before pushing Mike back into the fence. Nick definitely looks like the fresher of the two, but Mike charges forward and lands some shots of his own. Nick looks for the takedown against the fence, which Mike defends well, but Nick mixes it up alternating between strikes and takedown attempts. Nick finally gets it to the ground, landing on side control and soon transitions to Mike’s back. Now with the figure four back control, Nick looks to finish Mike Aina off, who is defending well. Less than 30 seconds to go Nick gets the mount and looks for an armbar as time expires. Gumby’s call: 10-8 Nick Diaz. Official decision: Split Decision for Nick Diaz. Great bout! Murilo “Ninja” Rua vs. “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler Round 1: Fighters circle each other for a good thirty seconds before Robbie gets a big slam takedown. Ninja recovers to his guard and the fight goes back to the feet quickly. Once again the fighter circle each other. Ninja tries some big kicks but mainly catches air. The two fighters definitely seem to respect each others power. Lawler tries to catch Ninja’s leg, but recovers and tries throwing punces to Robbie. Note that as they exchange, Robbie only punches, where are Ninja will punch and kick. The two taunt each other a little as time expires. Gumby’s score: Based on the takedown, 10-9 Robbie Lawler. Round 2: Once again the fighters circle each other with Ninja moving aggressively forward. Ninja looks for the takedown but Lawler defends. More slugging, then Ninja shots but Lawler sprawls perectly and lands some heavy shots to Ninja. The two contine to slug it out, eith Robbie seeming to get the better of the exchanges. Lawler manages to trip Ninja but immediately motions for him to get back up. A minute to go and both men seem intent on knocking the other out, looking for the set up to the big shot. Round ends. Gumby’s score: 10-9 Robbie Lawler. Round 3: The fighters stride to the center of the cage as round 3 begins. Lawler begins to land some hard combos on Ninja, and tries a superman punch, but the pace slows down again. Ninja is landing some heavy leg kicks now as Lawler’s corner Matt Hughes yells for him to answer with something. Lawler finally lands the heavy shot that puts Ninja down and finishes with a barrage of heavy strikes that puts Ninja out. As the crew rushes into the ring, Matt Hughes gets into it with someone from the Chute Box corner, but security quickly steps in and things deescalate. Lawler wins by TKO at 2:04 at Round 3. ProElite Icon vs. Rumble World Card **Note that these bouts are all three, three-minute rounds.** Tyson Nam vs. Albert “Always Bad” Manners Round 1: Bad manners manages to take the back of Tyson Nam but is unable to finish him off as time expires in the round. Gumby’s score: 10-9 Manners. Round 2: Even round as the two trade strikes. Manners shoots for a takedown but Nam sprawls and Manners winds up on the bottom. Nam pounds away as Manners defends, Manners looks for an armbar, but Nam escapes and looks to strike from the top as the round ends. Gumby’s score: 10-9 Nam. Round 3: Manners comes out swinging but Nam sidesteps him. Nam presses Manners to the cage and lands some heavy blows from there as referee Steve mazzagati warns for holding unto the cage. Manners drops for a takedown but winds up in guard as Nam pounds away. Manners looks for the armbar but Nam pulls out stand on top kicking until he jumps back down to Manner’s guard. Time expires and the match ends. Gumby’s score: 10-9 Nam. Unanimous Decision for Tyson Nam, score is 1-0 for Icon Sport. Jeff Cox vs. Kala Kolohe Hose Round 1: Kala shoots forward, but Jeff puts him a front headlock. Kala powers out and lands some thunderous shots, putting Jeff down hard. Kala Referee Mario Yamasaki is forced to call an end to this bout only 20 seconds into the bout. Jeff remains down for awhile but eventually leaves on his own power. Score is 2-0 for Icon Sport now. Jose “Bomber” Diaz vs. Mark Kurano Round 1: Kurano looks to kick, but Diaz answers right back with some heavy punches. Kurano goes for the takedown but Diaz locks up a guillotine. Kurano frees himself and passes to mount, takes the back and sinks in the choke at 1:13 of Round 1. Nui Wheeler vs. Mark Oshiro Round 1: The bout quickly goes to the ground as Oshiro takes the back of Wheeler. Oshiro sinks in a rear naked choke at 1:19 of the first round. Chad Klingersmith vs. Brandon Wolfe Round 1: The fighters circle to begin. Wolfe throws a hard kick that is caught by Klingersmith who tries to get the takedown but the fighters clinch before releasing. Klingersmith scoops up a leg looking for the single, but Wolfe resists well as time expires in the first round. Gumby’s score: 10-9 Klingersmith. Round 2: Wolfe misses with a high kick, and Klingersmith moves forward, finally getting his takedown. To Wolfe’s guard now, but Wolfe executes a nice sweep and puts Klingersmith to his back. Not for long as Klingersmith battles his way back up and the two fighters clinch against the fence. Wolfe scores a takedown to side control as time expires in the round. Gumby’s score 10-9 Wolfe. Round 3: Klingersmith opens with a high kick chasing Wolfe, slips but recovers to attempt a takedown. Wolfe defends and escapes the clinch, but Klingersmith uses the opportunity to land some punches before he scores a takedown. Klingersmith lands in Wolfe’s half guard but Wolfe manages to recover to full closed guard. Referee Steve Mazzagatti calls for action and Wolfe eventually opens his guard. Klingersmith stands up to kick but Wolfe pulls off the sweeo and comes on top to side control. Wolfe looks to punch through as the third round expires. Gumby’s score 10-9 Wolfe. Unanimous Decision 29-28 for Brandon Wolfe. Official Results: EliteXC – Uprising (September 15, 2007) Match Winner Loser Method Round Time 1 Elias Delos Reyes over Chico Cantiberos Submission (Armbar) Round 1, 0:52 2 Justin Buchholz over Ikaika Choy-Fu TKO (Strikes) Round 1, 1:35 3 Jake Shields over Renato Verissimo TKO (Strikes) Round 1, 4:00 4 Joey Villasenor over Riki Fukuda Decision (Split) Round 3, 5:00 5 Gina Carano over Tonya Evinger Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 1, 2:53 6 Nick Diaz over Mike Aina Decision (Split) Round 3, 5:00 7 Robbie Lawler over Murilo Rua TKO (Strikes) Round 3, 2:04 8 Tyson Nam over Albert Manners Decision (Unanimous) Round 3, 5:00 9 Kala Kolohe Hose over Jeff Cox TKO (Strikes) Round 1, 0:20 10 Mark Kurano over Jose Diaz Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 1, 1:13 11 Mark Oshiro over Nui Wheeler Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 1, 1:19 12 Brandon Wolfe over Chad Klingensmith Decision (Unanimous) Round 3, 5:00

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