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PRE UFC 70 INTERVIEW: AUSSIE FIGHTER, ELVIS “THE KING OF ROCK & RUMBLE” SINOSICDenis Martins: Hello Elvis, is there any different feeling on this UFC return?

Elvis Sinosic: No different feeling. I am always excited to return to the UFC. Denis Martins: Why did you compete in over 99kgs at ADCC Trials?

Elvis Sinosic: Because my training partner Anthony Perosh competed in the Up 99kg. So I chose the heavier weight division. Denis Martins: What do you expect from the ADCC 2007?

Elvis Sinosic: I expect many great challenges. It is one of the most amazing line-up of competitors. I am very excited about attending this event. Denis Martins: Will that interfere at your preparation to face Bisping?

Elvis Sinosic:: No it won’t. Actually my preparation for Bisping will help my ADCC because my training for MMA is so intense. Denis Martins: You fought in the first UFC UK. Even the fight again Bisping still did not take place, can you have a comparison about these two situations? (UFC 38 and now UFC 70)

Elvis Sinosic: In UFC 38 I was still early in my career. I was still working full time. It was a great experience and I learnt a lot from it. This time, UFC 70, I will be much better prepared. I am a better fighter today.

Denis Martins: You stayed in UFC cornering Anthony Perosh twice(UFC 61 and 66). How do you evaluate Perosh’s defeats?

Elvis Sinosic: In Anthony’s first fight, he did everything we trained for. He got caught by a good punch from a position we didn’t train very much for from a very talented fighter. In his second fight he came in much better prepared. He got caught by a punch again, but this time was able to fight through it. It was a very tough backwards and forwards fight and he was unlucky not to win the match. In both matches we were disappointed with the result, but happy with his performance. Anthony will only get better and continue to improve. You will see more of him in the future. Denis Martins: Since your last UFC appearance (February 2006) you fought twice, submitting a Pride veteran (Samoshi Fujii) and a UK’s idol(Mark Epstein) both by armbars. Have you kept your focus in submissions at your training? What can you tell us about these combats?

Elvis Sinosic: Yes, I always keep my focus on submissions. I have also been continuing to improve my standup and wrestling. Both matches I came in much better physically and mentally prepared. I was able to execute my game-plan to win. Both fighters are very talented and to beat them in such a way is a great accomplishment. It shows that when I train properly I can beat anyone. Denis Martins: Once again in your UFC’s career you are facing an extremely tough guy, this time an undefeated Mike Bisping. This was ever a ‘casualty’ in your UFC’s road, how do you see this situation?

Elvis Sinosic: I think it’s a great opportunity once again for me. Bisping is a great fighter and very well known. To beat him will raise the fans awareness of me. Of course there is pressure to win. And it is in his hometown. But I try not to worry about these things. The only thing I worry about is making sure I train hard enough. I am really looking forward to this match because Bispings style of fighting suits my style of fighting. I think this will be a great match to watch for the fans. Denis Martins: Is taking on Bisping at his homeland, the same situation you had when you fought Jeremy Horn? Total underdog situation? (Editors note, Elvis won via armbar at 2:59 of the first round)

Elvis Sinosic: Yes, I think it is a very similar situation. I think I am expected to lose by many people. I on the other hand have different I ideas. I plan to win this match. Denis Martins: What do you think of Bisping?

Elvis Sinosic: I think Bisping is a very talented fighter, you don’t achieve what he has with just luck. He also seems like a nice guy. Hopefully afterwards we can go out for a beer regardless of the result. Denis Martins: Elvis, do you think this is your time at UFC? I meant, your 1-5 at the organization and fans are not betting much in you this time. So on the adversity the real warrior will arise?

Elvis Sinosic: In a situation like this there is less pressure. So it will let me just go out there and do what I do best, fight. I like being the underdog, I like going against the odds. I think you will see something special in this match. Denis Martins: I expected to see you at Cage Rage which will take place at same date of UFC 70. Did the Cage Rage promoters try to book you on their show? What do you think about this Cage Rage/UFC ‘rivalry’?

Elvis Sinosic: I was expecting to hear back from Cage Rage as well. Sadly they didn’t get back to me before I signed with the UFC. I don’t involve myself in the politics of promoting. What is important to me is fighting. I am on good terms with both the UFC and Cage Rage. I think they are both great organizations.

Denis Martins: What can the fans expect from you in UFC 70?

Elvis Sinosic: The fans can expect a great fight, a WAR! You know I will come out fighting, I want to win this match. I don’t care whether I knock him out or submit him. But you will see some fireworks. Denis Martins: Last words?

Elvis Sinosic: I’d just like to thank my training partner Anthony Perosh and all my students and training partners a Sinosic Perosh Martial Arts for all their help. I’d like to thank my friends and family for their support. I would also like to thank my sponsors, Atama, Fairtex and Interact Health and Fitness for continuing to stand by me.

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