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After holding the trials for the Emirates Asian Super Cup, at the start of November, in Porto Alegre, a lot of people were left in doubt as to whether they would be allowed to participate in the event, to take place on the 12th and 13th of December, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Carlos Santos clarifies the question and others for GRACIEMAG.com readers in the interview to follow.GRACIEMAG.com: Carlao, a lot of athletes contacted GRACIEMAG, regretting not being able to participate in the trials. Do those athletes still have a chance of participating?Carlao: Of course, it’s important to stress the fact that not just this, but all the events we organize here are in the gi and open to whoever wishes to come. The idea of the qualifier was to market the event and provide a free ticket to the champions. But anyone wishing to come on their own expense is welcome.GRACIEMAG.com: The event is already very near, so we presume there will be no other qualifiers, correct?Carlao: No, this qualifier was just for Brazil. IN April we’ll have the first Copa do Mundo Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Professional Championship. It will be held on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of April in Abu Dhabi with 100 thousand dollars in prizes. For that one we’ll have trials in Brazil, the USA, Canada, Japan, Europe and Australia.GRACIEMAG.com: As you can imagine, the Arab Emirates to most of the athletes is a mystery. Is getting a visa a simple process?Carlao: I get them for all the athletes here, it costs around 100 dollars, and it takes four days. Anyone interested can contact me by email: emiratesbjj@hotmail.com.GRACIEMAG.com:And what about the plane ticket?Carlao: These days there are direct flights from several countries, including Brazil. If it doesn’t go straight to Abu Dhabi, it goes to Dubai. From Dubai to Abu Dhabi is an hour’s drive by car.GRACIEMAG.com:Yes, but what will the athletes do, can they rent a car there, as one normally does in the USA and other better-known places in the western world?Carlao: Yes, for sure, with an international driver’s license you can rent a car, and there are also taxis going all over the place. Within Abu Dhabi taxis and food are really cheap.GRACIEMAG.com: Another question athletes have is regarding hotels in the Emirates, famous for its super-expensive hotels…. Are there decently-priced ones too?Carlao: A room for two comes to 175 dollars a day. Depending on the athletes CV, though, the organization will bank half the price of the hotel, as a courtesy. Or in other words, it will come to 88 dollars.GRACIEMAG.com: Would you go, if you were an athlete?Carlao: Look, besides prizes, the trip is sensational. Getting to know new cultures and a country that will become the capital of Asia. I think the opportunity is a really good one.GRACIEMAG.com: Can you remind us what the prizes and format of the event are?Carlao: The fights last six minutes, with the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation rules valid for black belts. I remind you purple, brown and black belts all fight together, there are two groups:Group B = purple, brown and black5 categories:Under 70KG, under 80KG, under 90KG, over 90KG, and AbsoluteFirst place = US$ 2800Second place = US$ 600 Group A = White and blue10 categories:Under 62KG, under 67KG, under 72KG, under 77KG, under 82KG, under 87KG, under 93KG,under 99KG over 99KG, and AbsoluteFirst place = US$ 1400Second place = US$ 600 Further information on the event: www.supercup8.blogspot.com.

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