European National Day 1 Results!

Braulio Estima takes black belt absolute title. Braulio Estima takes black belt absolute title. Action packed Black Belt absolute highlight day of white, blue and purple belt divisions. Europeans show out in force to The largest black belt turn out in European national history made for an interesting absolute, as black belt divisions came down to the expected final four of top American Rafael Lovato Jr, who submitted his first opponent and a game Alan “FinFou” Nassimento (who defeated a much larger opponent his first match, “Lagarto”, Braulio Estima and reigning Mundial Absolute Champion Xande Ribeiro each submitted their respective opponents to the semi finals. Braulio Estima took the mat to Rafael Lovato Jr. in the first semi final. After trying to pick up a single leg, Lovato jumped to guard but Braulio moved quickly to pass. Lovato managed to recover guard several times, but Braulio kept the pressure up, eventually taking Lovato’s back and finishing with a reverse triangle choke with what Lovato described as immense pressure. Lagarto vs Xande Riberio was up next, and was a see saw battle back and forth between the two talented jiu jitsu players. Xande defended several sweeps attempts and accomplished one of his own to win 2-0. The finals were set then for Xande Riberio, who in 2006 established himself as king of the mountain against Braulio Estima, fighting in his adopted territory of Europe for the first time. The two battled for position, and a Braulio sweep scored two points but also popped the knee of Xande. Xande was clearly in pain and a time out was taken, but continued the match. From the restart Braulio pulled guard and worked feverishly to make something happen; Xande held out like the champion he is and the match ended 2-0 with Braulio taking home the world Championship. In the brown belt Absolute Much more coming on Day 2!

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