Fabricio Werdum VS. Colby Covington: Fighting and Throwing Boomerangs (Pressing Charges)


Yup… Apparently Fabricio Werdum punched Colby Covington in the face. This is allegedly, according to Covington himself.

Once Colby began filming, here’s what some of his colorful remarks on Werdum consisted of:

“Look at this f—-ing clown! You’re a f—-ing clown, Fabricio Werdum!” Covington says. “You’re a filth … yeah, what’s up? You just punched me in the face! You wanna come punch me again, bitch! What? What? Yeah, you think you’re so tough! Look at you, f—ing f——t! That’s right! You’re a little bitch! What? I’m gonna see you soon! I’m gonna see you soon, motherf—-er! You’re old, motherf—er! You ain’t s—t!”

“F—k Brazil, F—k Fabricio Werdum, little bitch ass. F—k Brazil. A bunch of filthy animals. And they wonder why they get talked to like that, because they’re a bunch of animals.”

Oh yeah, Werdum throws a boomerang at him.

Because of that little boomerang incident, Covington is pressing charges.

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