Fight Promoter Jacob Stahler on Carson’s Corner!

Jacob Stahler, perhaps better known as The Mouth of the Midwest, joins Carson’s Corner this week to discuss his new fight promotion ( Stahler has established himself as a personality in the fight game, and made his initial mark as a much sought-after fight announcer. He’s very respectful of the sport and the fighters, and his Primetime Fighting promotion is being received very warmly by the MMA community.

In addition, Bob will discuss the Combat Fighting Championships, which allegedly will have David Loiseau, Jeff Monson, Ricco Rodriguez and others on its card in England. The promotion earns itself a “Carson Caution,” as Bob identifies some potential red flags and analyzes their bold claims! How legit is the CFC? Tune in to Carson and find out!

You’ll also hear news on Olympic gold medal wrestler Brandon Slay, Cage Rage, Strikeforce, more on Josh Barnett, Kenny Florian, Joe Lauzon, Matt Hamill and more! It’s classic radio crosstraining…Carson style!

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