Fight Republic: Downtown Showdown 7/8/11 Results

Fight Republic: Downtown Showdown put on 9 great amateur fights, only one of which made it past the second round. The final count was: Three Submissions, 5 TKO’s and one Decision. 


Trent Wilshart of Battleborn MMA defeated Ryan Hatfield of Coaching Kids via TKO  R:1 1:20

Briggs Foreman of IFC Reno defeated Will Suminski of Team Freedom Brawlers via TKO R:2 1:40

Steven Lively of Iron Horse MMA defeated Garret Willis of Coaching Kids via tko R:2 1:39

Corey Carlson of Escobar Training Grounds defeated Luke Fritzgerald of Battleborn MMA viaTKO R:1 0:36

Matt Lively of Iron Horse MMA defeated Carlos Sanchez of Mountain Warrior via Sub. Tap out RNC R:1 1:23

Shawn Goode of IFC Reno defeated Spike Vance of Fight Capital Reno Un. Dec 29/28 

Michal Orzel of Charles Gracie Reno defeated Mike Morales of Iron Horse MMA via TKO R:2 1:27

Matt McCrary of Battleborn MMA defeated Robert Rojas of Pound 4 Pound via sub. Tapout Arm-Triangle R:2 1:55

Sean Shamrock of IFC Reno defeated Craig Yustat of Bend Oregon via Sub. Tapout Triangle R:1 1:27


In all it was a great event, fast paced fights technique and heart. Ken Shamrock made an appearance and spoke for a minute about supporting amateur fighters and MMA. Its always fun seeing a legend. I can’t wait to attend the next Fight Republic Event. 


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