– Featuring only professional, elite fighters from around the globe, FIGHTFEST is revolutionizing the industry by merging the hottest alternative music acts today with the fastest growing sport. FIGHTFEST along with Saliva are coming to the Laredo Entertainment Center for the first ever on Saturday, August 5th. FIGHTFEST will showcase some of the top fighters from around the world, including: One of the Valley’s own Hector “H Train” Munoz was newly crown world champ just two mouths ago but will put the title on the line for this home of Texas and Mexico. He will be defending his title against Tom Kirk.

The actions doesn’t stop there Forrest “The Hit man” Petz’s will put up both the FIGHTFEST and CAGE WARRIOR’S world title’s on the line to fight Arni “The Ice Viking” Isaksson from the frozen ice caps of Iceland.

The king of the four rounders Eric “butterbean “Esch will also enter the cage to put on another beaten down.

FightFest/Page Two Tickets for this event go on sale Monday, June 12th at 10:00 a.m. Ticket prices are $76.50, $56.50, $46.50, $36.50, $26.50, and $16.50. Tickets will be available through all Ticketmaster locations including Foley’s at Mall del Norte,, the LEC Box Office,select H-E-B stores or charge by phone at (956) 712-1566.FIGHTFEST is a competitive event pitting warrior against warrior in hand-to-hand battles of skill, honor and art. From Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to wrestling and Muay Thai boxing, all styles are encouraged. In order to win consistently, participants must be well versed in every aspect of the fight game.

FIGHTFEST is about punches, kicks, elbows, knees, big knockouts, technical submissions, takedowns, and strategy. It’s like no other sport you’ve ever seen! FIGHTFEST is also known for one of the best productions in the USA today. Not only do you get to see the baddest men on the planet, but also the best new, up-and-coming bands in the USA. On August 5th, the band Silvia will join up with FIGHTFEST for one night of hard hitting and some good old hard rock. This show will be sure to knock you out.

FIGHTFEST takes the sport to the mainstream. The sanctioning of mixed martial arts by states such as Nevada has brought credibility to the sport, and the rest of the country will find out what fight fans already know. There are rules to protect the competitors and the sport is as safe, if not safer, than many of the major league American sports. Which style will reign supreme? Which man will be left standing? Who will be the next MMA Superstar?

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