Fighting Photogrpher Weekend

Another busy weekend for the Fighting Photographer!Another busy weekend for the Fighting Photographer!

Back in the thick of it now guys, now I have graduated, I’m free to bum around and train and report and try not to worry about my mounting Uni bills, but hey it’s only money right?!

Continuing my BJJ training with GB black belt Gabriel Kitober, now that Lagarto is back sunning himself up in Rio, preparing for the Mundials next month; Gabriel is making sure we don’t let up on our training and the photos show me totting up the air miles once more.

Saturday and Sunday was spent in Milton Keynes at the invite of Ebe Ghansah; I was down there reporting on the UK Grappling Trials for the FILA World Championships in Turkey in September 07. London Shoot made a lasting impression on the judges and the female competitors showed that they can hang with the guys on the mats.

More news on this event and news on BJJ can be found at

See you on the mats guys!

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