Fightworks #44 IFL Coach Ken Shamrock, Mike Fowler proudly presents the FightWorks Podcast! The top BJJ, Submission Grappling and MMA Podcast on the Net!Ken Shamrock is one of the latest additions to the ranks of coaches in the International Fight League, and will be given leadership of a team based out of Northern California called the Lions. In this episode of The FightWorks Podcast, we present a portion of the conference call hosted by IFL co-founder Gareb Shamus and held last week for the press to ask questions of Ken.

Before we jump into today’s episode, I want to say that I know last week’s episode was less than ideal in terms of audio quality, and for that I apologize. I’ve gone back and remastered the whole thing and reposted the file with much more listenable audio (if “listenable” is even a word). Anybody going forward who downloads the show in iTunes or otherwise will receive the fixed version.

Black Belt Corner: Mike Fowler. If you’ve never heard Mike’s story of how he attained a black belt in such a short time, you may want to listen to this to hear some of the sacrifices he made. Mike’s got some great advice on what it takes to get one’s black belt.

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