FightWorks Podcast #47 Carlos Valente Interview proudly presents the FightWorks Podcast! The top BJJ, Submission Grappling and MMA Podcast on the Net! Valente goes way back. Now in his early fifties, he began jiu-jitsu at eight years old studying with Rolls Gracie, who until his early death in a hang gliding accident was revered as much for his charisma and leadership as his jiu-jitsu skills. In our conversation on this episode of The FightWorks Podcast, Carlos takes us back to Rio and describes what it was like training under Rolls, the reaction of the community to his death, and decision the students were faced with upon his passing: with whom should they train? While it was announced that students would now begin training under Carlos Gracie Jr., some elected to train under a young man named Rickson Gracie, whom would later become a legend in his own right. It was the birth of a new legacy as those of the Carlos Gracie Jr. camp would eventually become known as Gracie Barra, and those who followed Rickson and his father Helio would move on to Gracie Humaita.

In this chat, Carlos’ stories are like a who’s who of the biggest names of those who’ve spread the sport outside Brazil: Romero “Jacaré” Cavalcanti, Mauricio Motta Gomes and many more. Listen to the conversation with Carlos “The Mentor” Valente and come on a time trip back to Rio de Janeiro in the 1970’s, as jiu-jitsu became a force on the streets!

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