Fightworks Podcast Interviews Jeff Monson

OntheMat presents the FightWorks PodcastOntheMat is very proud to present the Fightworks Podcast!

In yet another big news to the BJJ Internet community, OntheMat and the Fightworks Podcast have teamed up! We are now bringing you the World’s Largest Radio show for BJJ! Expect lots of surprises, prizes, and all kinds of great things. This should be huge news for all fans of the sport!

#35 Jeff Monson InterviewJeff Monson is a world class grappler and contender for the heavyweight title in the UFC and will be taking on current champion Tim Sylvia on November 18 and joins us on this episode of The FightWorks Podcast! In this conversation the outspoken Monson discusses everything from his upcoming title shot, to almost getting tazered by riot police, to wearing a g-string adorned by a jinglebell-adorned Santa Claus face on the front.

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