FIVE GI.NOGI GRAPPLING North American Invitational Championship to host top regional finishers in an exclusive event. 

January 2014 – FIVE GI.NOGI GRAPPLING NORTH AMERICAN INVITATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP (NAIC) has been confirmed to culminate the FIVE GI.NOGI GRAPPLING (FIVE) 2014 season. This historic event will showcase the top athletes who competed at FIVE events in 2014. Only athletes who placed on the podium (1st, 2nd or 3rd) at any FIVE regional event in 2014 qualify for invitation to the National Championship. 10 cities from across North America will serve as regional qualifiers for the first ever, invitation-only, Gi and NoGi North American Championship.


The first qualifier first will be held on February 22nd at Cal State Dominguez Hills in Carson, CA followed by the second qualifier in Las Vegas on March 29th. All future qualifiers will be announced soon.


“As part of our ongoing efforts to raise the profile of our athletes we felt there needed to be a platform that allowed only the very best competitors to compete on a national stage”, said Dayan Henson, CEO or FIVE GI.NOGI GRAPPLING.  “We believe that there needs to be something special waiting for the top athletes who give so much to the sport they love ”.


The NAIC is scheduled for Miami, Florida in late November. Competitors who qualify and choose to compete will fight for the title of FIVE GI.NOGI GRAPPLING NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPION. The event will be streamed LIVE in its entirety with commentary from some of the top personalities in the sport today. The event will also feature a number of surprises for both competitors and spectators as part of FIVE’s commitment to make this event the biggest and best of the year. 


“A North American Championship with a true qualifying system is long overdue. By competing at the FIVE NAIC you are among the top athletes who competed at a FIVE event in 2014” said Riccardo Ammendolia, Marketing Manager for FIVE. “Now is everyone’s chance to lay it on the line and establish who is the best of the best”. 


More details to help aid in registration, travel and accommodations will be provided soon.



FIVE GI.NOGI GRAPPLING is a sport promotion that hosts world-class Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Grappling tournaments throughout the United States and Canada.  All ages and abilities compete under a progressive rules and scoring system designed to promote action and enhance the best the sport of grappling has to offer.




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