Frank Shamrock, Eddie Alvarez, Sean Faris – All on this week’s Carson’s Corner!

For this week’s show, Bob recorded from the January 25 EliteXC show in New Jersey. Bob conducted several great interviews at the show, and you’ll get them all on this episode of Carson’s Corner. Carson provides backstage, behind-the-scenes information from this EliteXC event that you will only hear here.

Here’s a sampling of who you’ll hear from, in their own words, on this show:

1: Frank Shamrock – Bob and Frank discuss Frank’s upcoming fight against Cung Le, Frank’s relationship with Tito Ortiz, his rumored fight against Ken Shamrock, his thoughts on getting back in the cage with Renzo Gracie, IFL and much more. You will hear a side of Frank Shamrock that you don’t normally get in most interviews.

2: Sean Faris – Carson interviews the star of the upcoming MMA movie “Never Back Down.” Bob gets to the bottom of the rumored connection between Zuffa and this movie. You’ll hear it from the main actor in the movie. Faris talks about the movie and assures us all that this movie will be a hit.

3: Paul “Semtex” Daley – We’ll get to hear from Paul Daley after his big win over Sam Morgan. He shares thoughts on the fight and where he goes from here.

4: Eddie Alvarez – Now 12 and 1, Alvarez is an EliteXC star on the rise. Alvarez discusses his plans for a world title and possible future opponents.

This is the second installment of Carson Live on the Scene. If you’re a fan of mixed martial arts, you’re going to want to catch this show.

To hear the show, click here:

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