Frank Trigg “Twinkle Toes” Interview

Frank Trigg “Twinkle Toes” InterviewMarlene: You’ve done a great job commentating on Pride Fights for FSN, are we looking to see you commentating for a while?

Frank: I have no idea! I have no idea what’s going on with Pride, like everybody else right now, I’m trying to figure out what’s going to happen next with the UFC/Pride merger. I’m just waiting to find my place or if I have a spot there at all.

Marlene: How’s your training coming along?

Frank: I’ve been doing a lot of exercising, a lot of jiu jitsu training with John Luis. I start going back in the ring next week with Randy Couture doing a little light sparring. I really don’t have anything coming up in the near future so I’m not worried about what’s going on.

Marlene: Will we be seeing you back in the welter weight division or do you see yourself more in the middle weight division?

Frank: I prefer to stay at middleweight, I’m happier and it’s easier for me to make the weight and I get to have a little fun. Training is more fun when I’m at 185, when I was down to 170 it hurt all the time, I just feel better when I’m up.

Marlene: Will you tell me more about your fight in Pride against Kazuo Misaki? I know he won against Dan Henderson.

Frank: Misaki was good. I was a little tentative, I took him down and held him down. I could have finished him if I got after it but I didn’t. He did a good job he’s a tough, tough opponent I was really scared going in to fight a guy that high in rank in such a big show like Pride. If things go well I’m looking to fight some more again later.

Marlene: I know you were training out of R1 for a while, are you still there?

Frank: No, I moved to Vegas and training with John Luis. R1 is still doing pretty good, its not great because I’m not there all the time but its doing okay.

Marlene: Do you find yourself training more Jiu jitsu now or are you still keeping with your wrestling base?

Frank: I’m always gonna have a wrestler base, always, it’s what I do,

Marlene: Thank you for your time Frank, is there anything else you’d like to add for

Frank: For me it’s always been fun to hang out at, especially now that the new stores have come around. I always get my information from which is weird for me because I’m really not an internet dude. I’m really happy with what OnTheMat has actually done for the sport of MMA and grappling as a whole.

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