Fransino “THE PITBULL” Tirta (Synergy) vs. Andreas Hesselbeck (Tiger Muay Thai) — Battle On Bali, December 27, 2007.

Winner: Fransino Tirta via TKO, Round 1 – 2:18 minutes

Fransino Tirta (Indonesia) defeated his much larger opponent, Andreas Hesselbeck (Sweden), via TKO!! The fight started off with Tirta executing a straight left setup to a double leg takedown where he proceeded to ground n’ pound his opponent from the mount and half guard position. Hesselbeck ended up getting back to his feet where they briefly clinched up against the ropes, then disengaged and squared off again. Fransino Tirta connected with an overhand right, countered a low kick with a flush straight right, then connected with two more hard rights, two lefts, another overhand right, and then dropped Hesselbeck with a big right uppercut and overhand left combo where “The Pitbull” quickly jumped on his opponent to finished him off with a flurry of right hooks from the side control position until the referee jumped in to stop the contest at the 2:18 minutes mark of the 1st round!

Enjoy 🙂


PS. This is Hesselbeck’s pre-interview regarding the fight:

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