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As the Seni countdown continues the newsline is really turning up the heat with our fittest fireman and other hot news regarding events at the World’s biggest martial arts expo and festival…

Costello and Maguire predict MMA Mayhem for Pain and Glory Pain and Glory’s latest MMA match-up promises to be an old-fashioned tear-up as Tsunami’s rising middleweight, unbeaten John Maguire (7-0) takes on his biggest challenge to date as he meets Andy Costello. ‘The Rock’ Costello has mixed it with the Big Boys at heavyweight including Tengiz, Buzz Berry, and James Thompson and is now looking to establish a big reputation at Middleweight but Maguire is a confident fighter, so something has to give at Pain and Glory if one of these fighters wants to take the next big step into the limelight. For Pain and Glory ticket enquiries CLICK HERE Legends of the Dragon exclusively released at Seni08

Bruce Lee Legends of The Dragon volume one by Steve Kerridge is to be launched at this year’s Seni. This is to coincide with the visit of the Bruce Lee Estate of which the book is officially endorsed. This, the first of three volumes to be released this year is the most awaited publication on Bruce Lee to hit the stores over the last ten years. Fittest Fireman Frankson heats up Seni Cassius Frankson is the current reigning UKOctathalon Champion (www.octathalon.com) and a working Firefighter, a job that continues to put him through his physical and mental paces. The London Fire Brigade annually holds the Fittest Firefighter competition, which Cassius has won, subsequently going on to compete against other Firefighters across the globe. Cassius currently teaches Box Circuit and Combo at Danceworks in London’s West End as well as teaching classes for 3ness.com. He has competed in numerous high level and professional competitions since his early twenties, including TV appearances on the Gladiators and SAS Are You Tough Enough. Cassius will be taking a Comba class on Sunday 27th April at 12noon! To see Cassius in action CLICK HERE More Heavyweight Talent Announcement coming next weekSeni08 already has an enivable amount of talent appearing across the weekend including boxers Jim Mcdonnell, Somluck Khamsing and Barry McGuigan, MMA stars Dan Henderson, Jeff Monson and Royce Gracie, arm-wrestling sensation John Brzenk, Olympic fencer Linda Strachan, Bruce Lee’s widow Linda and daughter Shannon, ‘Enter the Dragon’ villain Bob Wall, JKD instructors Richard Bustillo, Tim Tackett and Tommy Gong, ‘and Bourne Ultimatum’ star Joey Ansah but in our next newsletter we will be bringing you news of more big name UFC stars coming to Seni and making a heavyweight announcement regarding a boxing world champion…watch this space! Memorabilia news! The Bruce Lee Museum Update

Last newsletter we released a little teaser of what will be on display at Seni’s unique Bruce Lee Museum and were taken aback by the immediate response. As a result we are letting you know about three more sensational pieces of Bruce Lee memorabilia that will be gracing the museum. These are Bruce Lee’s genuine Hong Kong Driver’s Licence, hand-written notes on his epic fight with Kareem in Game of Death and the original printing plates for his Jun Fan certificates. For further information on the Bruce Lee Museum CLICK HERE

Armed and Dangerous; Celebrity arm-wrestling

One of the Seni show’s most popular regular events is the arm-wrestling competition and this year it adds a new element with its three way celebrity challenge grudge match. Shane Lynch, from newly reformed superstar Boyzone, who are undertaking a major stadium tour in May, will be looking to see off film and television star Danny John Jules (Red Dwarf, Blade 2, Sucker Punch) and British hip-hop sensation Sway, in a battle to see who is the celebrity version of John Brzenk, the World Arm-Wrestling champion who will be a special guest at Seni08. Who knows maybe the winner will get a crack at the man himself! For more information on the arm-wrestling competition at Seni08 CLICK HERE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION malcolm@fightersinc.net

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