Future Matches UFC Fight Night 66

UFC Fight Night 57 Predictions

Future Matches UFC Fight Night 66 will tell you who we think should face the winners and losers of the big matches this weekend. Do you agree with us?

Future Matches UFC Fight Night 66

Future Matches UFC Fight Night 66: Winners

Frankie Edgar vs. Winner of Jose Aldo vs. Conor McGregor

Edgar deserves his shot at the title considering he has been undefeated since the loss. While it depends on who comes out the champion and if an instant rematch is needed, then it may mean Edgar has to fight another fight. Beyond that, he deserves to try to become a champion at least one more time.

Gegard Mousasi vs. Loser of Chris Weidman vs. Vitor Belfort

Mousasi has picked up two straight wins, but it is hard to make match ups considering he has fought the majority of the top ten at 185 already. The loser of the title fight is really his only option. Belfort and Weidman both make great matches for the young but battle tested Mousasi.

Neil Magny vs. Winner of Thiago Alves vs. Carlos Condit

Magny has now won seven straight with four finishes in his last five fights. While he has not beaten that big of competition, he still has won seven straight and that means a step up in competition. The winner of these fights have had big layoffs but are former title challengers.

Future Matches UFC Fight Night 66: Losers

Urijah Faber vs. Rafael Assuncao

Faber lost to Edgar but it may have just proved he belongs at 135 instead of going back to 145. Faber has a win over Assuncao and now has a chance to  still fight for a title in his regular weight class. This fight makes sense to get a clear number one since Dillashaw and Barao have unfinished business.

Costas Philippou vs. CB Dollaway

Loser leaves town. Both of these fighters have flirted with the top five, but now are one pretty substantial losing streaks. Let them fight it out to see who deserves to keep their job.

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